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A Wiki for a homebrew Vampire the Masquerade City.

Welcome to the City, NeonateEdit

Things aren't going so good here.

We just got through a major schism in our organization that saw the last Prince put on the Vampire most wanted list, and hunted down by the new Prince. We lost a sizable portion of our population during the aftermath of that, and now we have word over in West City that the Sabbat are getting worked up by a brand new Archbishop who is looking to expand. Every single Kindred in the City is tense and jumping at their own shadows just in case there are shovelheads hiding them. And to top all of that off, there have been reports of absolutely bizarre happenings that have the Warlocks shaking their heads in confusion.

All that to say, you picked a hell of a time to be embraced. That is where this website comes in. Think of this as a guidebook to help you survive in this crazy town.

If you are new to the night: Holy Shit, I'm a Vampire! What do I do?

If you just need to know how the City operates: The Traditions of the City

The Prince: Zacharias the Shepherd

The Primogen-

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